Devine Gift of Darkness

None so blind as those who will not see...

Theodore Nott
19 October
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Name: Theodore(Téodóir) Anthony Nott
Nicknames: Theo, Teddy, ‘Bug’ (by Edric, long story), 'Kiddo' (by Rudy), Dóir, 'Tea Cosy' (baby name)
Age: 20
Birthday: October 19th 1979
Astrological Sign: Libra
Astrology: This combination of sun sign and House ought to be nicknamed "The Magical Corps of Diplomats."
Slytherins born under this sign are poised, polished, suave, well read, well bred, and excruciatingly polite and
correct in everything they do - the perfect gentry of the magical world. Never a bully or a bravo here! No, these
Slytherins would say "I despise you and think your are worthless scum" and make it sound like "How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways..." They are discreet, sympathetic, easy to talk to, and know how to put people at ease. This
can, of course, be a wonderful asset in espionage (the flip side of diplomacy!) and these Slytherins are more than
capable of hiding their true feelings in order to get information or befriend a rival. Because they need to act in
partnership with others and hate to be alone, they are rarely decision makers, and must be careful who they seek to
befriend, lest they be led astray into the wrong crowd. Slytherin Libras also ought to marry into money if they don't
have much of their own, for their love of luxury and culture can make for extremely high maintenance expenses.
Bloodline: Pureblood
Gender: Male
Wand: Cherry, dragon heartstring 10'1/2
Years at Hogwarts: 1993-1997
House: Slytherin

Eyesight: Blind. Can distingish light change and vague movement but nothing beyond that.
Hearing: Excellent
Left/Right/Ambi: Ambidextrous
Disabilities/Handicaps: Blind.
Physical Health: Generally well, suffers from headaches.

IQ: High.
Extrovert/Introvert: Introvert.
Phobias/Fears: Being used, small spaces, drugs, heights.
Patronus: Arctic Fox
Mental Health: Seems fairly healthy, but carries many vices from his childhood torture.

Goals/Dreams: To avenge his mother and dead lover. To find happiness and lead a simple life.
Quirks/Habits: Running his fingers through his hair, smoking, seemingly staring off into space during
Likes: Cats, cigarettes, flavoured coffee, learning, mystery novels, puzzles, reading, sex
Dislikes: Oily food, brash people, ignorance
First Impression: Quiet, soft spoken, dark and brooding

Parents: Edric Nott, Laura Nott nee Brahan (deceased)
Spouse: None
Sibling(s): None
Children: None
Pets: Boots (cat, named by his mother), Solo(cat).
Family History: Edric, Laura and Theodore led a happy life for several years. Edric held a well paying
job at the Ministry as an Oblivator, while his mother was a practicing seer. Theodore led a life of privilege
and unrivaled happiness.

His father had joined the Death Eaters many years before, and after the Dark Lord’s initial fall his follower had
come seeking Laura, assured she could locate their master. One summer night, when Theodore was a mere six years
of age they struck when Edric was away, torturing Laura and their son in attempt to get their answers. Laura was
killed and Theo was left clinging to life, to be discovered by his father the next day.

This has caused great distrust in Theodore, and a fear of his powers, which were passed on from his mother.

Edric and Theodore gradually rebuilt their lives, Theo attending Hogwarts several years later and all proceeding
as normal as one could expect. At the end of his fifth year Edric was caught infiltrating the Ministry in an attempt
to steal a prophecy from Harry Potter. He was sent to Azkaban and Theodore was left on his own.

In his seventh year Edric was able into escape along with the others and father and son reunited once more.

Occupation: Seer, unemployed
Education: Hogwarts 1993-1997 (did not finish NEWTS)
Home: Nott Manor- County Waterford, Ireland, where ever his feet take him at the moment as he has been
in hiding traveling since the end of the war.
Finance: More then could ever be needed.

Personal History:

Backstory/History - aka, where they have been between DH and Ascendant, and beyond: Fought in the final
battle despite his reluctance. He left with the rest of the Slytherins, but turned back once outside the castle, unable to leave knowing is father and lover would be fighting.

In the midst of battle he had two simultaneous visions, of his lover and of a one of the younger students, both
about to be attacked. In perhaps one of the only selfless acts Theo has ever preformed he ran for the child,
taking the curse – caecusious (a blinding hex) in her stead. His last sight was of his lover falling dead.

His father found him, speeding him away from the battle. The pair along with Edric’s friend Rudolph Atkins,
have been traveling for the two years since the war has ended, Theo adjusting to his blindness and to having
his father in his life again.

How the war affected them:
Theodore was swept up into the lifestyle of his Death Eater lover, believing he would be able to avenge his
mother. He tortured many people, some into madness, and after dealing with the death of his lover he began
to feel extreme guilt for the lifestyle he led. He hurt some of the most important people to him, most
notably- Michael Corner whom he tortured.

His dark thoughts have faded into the background as the years have passed, though thoughts of revenge still
flicker in the back of his mind.

Being blinded has caused him to re-examine his life, forcing him to accept help from others, and gain some patience.

Academia and Career

Excellent/Good/Mediocre/Poor Student? Excellent.
Good at Job? If he had one he would be.
Does this character's performance accurately reflect their intelligence? Unless he is attempting to fool you.
Most talented in: Divination, Transfiguration, Charms, wandless magic.
Struggles with: Potions, Herbology.
Favourite class during Hogwarts years: Charms/Transfiguration.
Favourite instructor: Professor Snape.


Weight: 145 pounds
Height: 5'9"
Eyes: Vivid blue
Hair: Dark brown, well groomed.
Face & Complexion: Soft features, with pale skin that takes a soft bronze colour when tanned .
Build: Slim, lithe but fit.
Defining Marks: Scars on his back from lashing, scar through his right hand, various tattoos : one across
his back, originally wings in memory of his mother, head of a raven added in memory of his lover, and script on his left fore arm
reading “The flickering shadows have not answered, Nor your lips sent a signal, Whether love talks and roses grow,
And the sun breaks at morning, Splattering the sea with crimson,” in memory of those he has lost.


Dress Style: Wears simple, but fashionable clothing which is seems to always fit him perfectly. Likes
dark or neutral colours
Possessions always on this person: Seeing crystal, wand, cane (usually folded up), sunglasses (if the world gets too bright)
Manner of Speech: Soft spoken, but can be sharp and sarcastic. If he raises his voice you’ve really
done something bad. Switches between the language befiting someone of his station and that of someone grown up mainly among men, mixing fancy words with slang in a way only Theo could pull off some casually.
Manner of Movement: Slow purposeful movements. If he is somewhere he is familiar with he moves with confidence. Moves
tentitively in new surroundings.
Any special talents: Seeing the future.


Marital Status: Single.
Ever Had sex: Yes
Sexual Preference: Men.
Believes that a person shouldn't have sex before marriage: No.
Believe in casual sex: Yes.
Turn ons: A powerful, confident, in control person.
Turn offs: Weakness, clinginess.
Past Relationships: Michael Corner (Theo couldn’t handle such deep feelings and ended the relationship,
effectively severing any remaining ties when he tortured him near the end of seventh year.)

He held a relationship for most of seventh year with a Death Eater (name with held), who trained Theo in
hopes of taking him as a protégée, while Theo hoped to avenge his mother. He grew far more attached then he’d
ever thought possible, and though he refused to admit he was quite hopelessly in love. During the final battle
his lover was killed by the Order, something Theo has not forgotten.


Ever been drunk: Many, many times.
Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend: Many, many times.
Cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend: Yes.
Gotten into a fight: Many, many times.
Been a hypocrite in the past: Yes.
Opinion on the Dark Arts: Entirely useful, though not to be used lightly, and never against those who are
innocent in his eyes (children).
Opinion of Voldemort: He was deranged and is the cause of his mother’s death. He felt nothing but happiness
at his falling. If not for him his loved ones would not have perished.


Person: Father (Edric).
Animal: Fox.
Book: Impossible to say, he loves all books.
Colour: Silver.
Drink: Tea.
Food: Chocolate strawberries.
Flower: Cherry Blossoms.
Music: Classical, and Rock.
Scent: Rain, Vanilla, Strawberries.
Thing To Do: Curl up with a new book.

Least Favourite

Person: People who killed his loved ones.
Animal: Thestrals, remind him of his mother.
Book: Impossible.
Colour: Yellow.
Drink: Peach juice.
Food: Veal.
Music: Bubblegum Pop.
Scent: Mud.
Thing To Do: What he’s told ^^.