Theodore Nott (seeingdarkness) wrote,
Theodore Nott

19th May, 1998 (Dictacted to Quick-Quotes-Quill)

I don't know what happened today. I think...everything just caught up with me all at once. I feel so empty and lost. He's dead...dead and...I mean fuck, it's really only just hit me that I'll never see him again. I didn't even get to say I lo goodbye.

And the things I did...I hurt many people, and...I know it seemed right at the time, but now I don't know what's what. I know a lot of the people I hurt didn't deserve it. It wasn't all about was about pleasing him and...the rush, but...

And what will happen when we go home? (IF we go home...) Will we be arrested?...Sometimes I think I deserve it...but I just got father back, I couldn't bare to be separated from him again.

The sun hurts my eyes, and I keep falling and knocking things over, and some days I just wish...

I can't let father see how upset I am though...

I hide in the shower lately...when I need to cry...I don't think he suspects.
Tags: 19th may 1998
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